Raglan Community Arts Council- apply online to be a member

Online membership form for Raglan Community Arts Council (RCAC)

  • To apply for membership of RCAC complete the online form below, then click the button [Apply to join the Arts Council as a member]

  • The annual membership fee (1 April – 31 March) is $10 or $15 for a dual membership.
  • Your application will be considered at the next monthly meeting of the management committee
  • Membership of RCAC gives you voting rights at general meetings, and some financial benefits, eg movie screenings, hire the gallery, sell work through the gallery, or have your work included in Members’ exhibitions.
Optional for Members:If you are willing to volunteer your active support for the Arts Council, please indicate your interest below, and a Committee member will contact you to discuss it further(Type in YES in each box if you are interested):

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Setting up/tidying rooms for clients or events
Staffing gallery during exhibitions
Hosting events
Setting up signs for events
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Fundraising initiatives
Administration/volunteer coordination
Garden/ floral displays
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You can contact the Old School Arts Centre on 07 825 0023 or info@raglanartscentre.co.nz