Talented and creative tutors are available in a variety of the arts at the Old School Arts Centre and other locations in and around Raglan Whaingaroa, covering a wide range of levels. Classes and workshops run regularly throughout the year.

See the events calendar for the latest workshops and classes at the Old School.

Ruth Port

Ruth PortDescribing herself as born and bred in Auckland, Ruth is a fibre artist working in the traditional Maori medium of ‘harakeke’ (Phormium tenax), a native flax.

Her works range from useful objects such as bags and backpacks to decorative creations like wall hangings. She dyes the harakeke in different colours to weave into patterns and often also includes other natural materials such as feathers and shells.

Ruth teaches weaving at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

To contact Ruth call 07 825 7267 or send her an e-mail: hinemoaweaver@ihug.co.nz


Jodi Prinz

Jodi PrinzThe Auckland-born artist studied media arts for six years in her home town and Hamilton, and graduated BMA with honours before moving to Raglan in 2007.

The medium Jodi feels most at home in is painting, depicting femininity and playing with the contrasts of sexuality and innocence. She feels influenced by the pop art of the 1930s and many of her pictures contain decorative elements.

Jodi expresses her playful side by recycling children’s toys into new artworks. Her latest project is a series of brooches.

Jodi has exhibited in Auckland, Hamilton and Raglan and is a member of Raglan Hello Gallery.

She teaches clay art at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre.

To get in touch with Jodi call 027 424 7277 or send her an e-mail: miss_popinjay@yahoo.com


Jo Artemis

Jo Artemis

Jo Artemis

Jo runs an After-School Singing Club for ages 7 and up. The aim is to strengthen and develop vocal tone; learn songwriting, performance and recording skills; work with rhythm and harmony; gain confidence and have fun!

You can Phone/text Jo on 021 1 46 2283